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Central Oklahoma Prime Timers

About Us

Central Oklahoma Prime Timers is a group of mature gay and bisexual men that provides social opportunities, educational and cultural events to our members.

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May 2011 Happy Hour at The Phoenix RisingJune, 2011 Chickasaw Cultural Center Field TripJune 2010 Pride Celebration in Oklahoma CityJune 2010 Pool Party at The Habana InnJune 2010 Country Farm PartyAugust 2011 Field Trip to Bartlesville’s Frank Lloyd Wright TowerAugust 2009 Summer House PartyApril 2009 COPT Meeting in The Ledo2010 Valentine’s Day Luncheon at Gushers2010 Labor Day Get Away Weekend at The Habana2009 Valentine’s Day Potluck Dinner Party2009 Labor Day Get Away Weekend at The Habana2008 Labor Day Planning Potluck Meeting at Leon S and Doug M’s2008 Labor Day Get Away Weekend2008 Holiday Dinner2008 Field Trip to Peach Festival with Nathan B and Forrest E and Kobe C2008 AIDS Walk Downtown Oklahoma City

Many of us have felt, as we passed 30 and approached 40 that we were becoming “invisible” in the gay community. Many of us are more settled in our careers, perhaps coupled, and less interested in the bar scene. But it’s still nice to socialize with people like you. While most of our members are in their 50s and 60s, their ages range from 35 to 87. We accept members from 21 up.



Randy L entertains at Vito's Italian Ristorante


Member Randy L, who is a favorite entertainer at Labor Day, also performs several nights a week at Vito’s Italian Ristorante on N. May Ave.


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Upcoming events

Thursday, Jul 24th - 1:00 pm
Meet and Eats
Thursday, Jul 24th - 5:30 pm
Happy Hour
Friday, Jul 25th - 5:45 pm
Saturday, Jul 26th - 9:00 am
Lunch (at Gushers)
Tuesday, Jul 29th - 11:00 am
Bowling Night
Sunday, Aug 10th - 5:00 pm
Board Meeting
Sunday, Aug 17th - 1:00 pm

Events this year

Thanksgiving Potluck
Wednesday, Nov 19th - 2:00 pm
Anniversary Dinner
Thursday, Apr 23rd - 5:30 pm



Martin B in 9 days
Jeffery H in 11 days
Levi A in 19 days
Gene C in 22 days
Doug W in 22 days
Henry Ro in 24 days
David Ho in 26 days

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