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Introducing: Sam Powell

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I am Sam Powell, the new Chairman of Independent Chapter and board member of Prime Timers Worldwide. When I met the members of this new PTWW Board, I was so impressed with the talent and experience in the group and I see that we are off and running to define some new direction for Prime Timers Worldwide.


Our Independent Members are Prime Timers who do not live near an existing chapter. The Independent Members are offered many of the same benefits enjoyed by chapter members even though local events just can't happen due to geography. The nucleus of future chapters can be our Independent members and we encourage and work with our Independent members to consider starting a new chapter when a nucleus is found in a geographic area {we even have a few who are members of a local chapter and the Independent Chapter as well.}

I have reached out to all past members of the Independent Chapter to introduce myself and to offer a line of communication from them to Prime Timers Worldwide. My goal is to grow the Independent Chapter and provide some level of mutual interests that will contribute to development of friendships among these geographically dispersed guys. The cost to be a member of the Independent Chapter is now reduced as a result of the PTWW decision to go fully electronic with our newsletters and other types of communication. Our Independent Chapter members are reaffirming their desire to be in the Chapter and I see a period of growth in the future.

As for me, I am a fully out gay man who grew up in Suffolk, VA, and I spent nine college years at Virginia Tech where I received bachelor and masters degrees in Industrial Engineering. During that time, I taught at VA Tech specializing in engineering economy courses and some drafting/design courses. After Virginia Tech, I worked in the hospital industrial engineering area for several years before beginning a 30+year career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. During my time at the FED, I had oversight of two major building projects for banks in Baltimore, MD and Charlotte, NC. Each project spanned 9-10 years from conception through design, construction and occupancy. Once the Charlotte project was completed, I had management responsibility for a number of operations in the Charlotte facility.

In Prime Timers, I have been President of the Charlotte Chapter for two 2-year terms and was Vice President in between those terms. On December 31, 2017, I "retired" from President and now serve on the Board as a Director-at-Large. During the last five years, our Charlotte chapter doubled in membership and continues as a very active chapter with many events each month. Building on the excellent growth of some of the chapters in North Carolina and South Carolina, in 2016, five chapters formed Carolinas PRIME, which had its first regional event in October 2016. Carolinas PRIME II {now with six NC and SC chapters} is having the second regional event from October 25-28, 2018, and it is open to Prime Timers from any official chapter of PTWW (including the Independent Chapter, of course). Hopefully, PRIME will continue on an every-other-year format for the years when there is not a PTWW convention. Check out the Carolinas PRIME in the upcoming events of this newsletter. Early registration is at a slightly reduced fee and you will love Myrtle Beach.

After retiring from the bank, I became a certified personal trainer and loved this "fun job" helping slightly older clients learn both proper exercise technique and dietary habits. This was nine years of really fun work with the benefit of doing it on my own schedule. A second open-heart operation convinced me to give up weight training for my personal workouts and I decided it really was time to finally retire.

Gay travel is a favorite thing and I have cruised on boats from 8 passengers to 2,200 passengers. Recently I chose a great cruise on a 212-passenger ship and found that type of cruise to be the best I have ever taken. Also, I love beach time and I look for any beach or resort where I can be in the sun.

I was married for a number of years and have two daughters and five grandkids. We have navigated the issues involved in my coming out late in life and I am thrilled that family relationships have been going quite well for several years now.

If you have friends who are not in an area served by a Prime Timer Chapter, please give them information about our Independent Chapter. Let's offer the great things of Prime Timers to as many gay men as we can.

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Last modified on Thursday, 26 April 2018 18:13
Sam Powell

Charlotte Chapter Web Master

2013 Chapter President


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