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Chapter Spotlight: Miami Valley, Ohio

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"Prime Time is GREAT in Dayton, Ohio"

Beginning in January 2018, the Dayton, Ohio based Miami Valley Ohio Prime Timer (MVOPT) chapter started a new era. This year is the first time in several years we have a fully staffed Board of Officers. I suggest getting a very early start asking for nominations for board positions and appointing members to the nomination committee.


I am relatively new to the Prime Timer organization. Before I decided to run for president, there were discussions of dissolving our chapter. I did not want to see the chapter disappear so I volunteered to run for President of the MVOPT chapter, with the following three main goals:

Stimulate GROWTH of the membership;

Bring ORGANIZATION to the chapter and the meetings;

Add a variety of NEW EVENTS to the activities list.

I feel I am succeeding at accomplishing my goals and our members are stepping up to volunteer for the success and continuation of the chapter.. Last month, we had 4 guests at our monthly social meeting. This month, we had one new guest with two additional guests interested. So our membership seems to be headed for GROWTH.

In the past, many of the members were frustrated with the rambling of the meetings, switching back and forth between agenda topics and interjection of personal comments. We now have meeting agendas, the chapter has a newsletter published again, which not only details the upcoming chapter events, but also other local area chapter events, regional events, and the Prime Timers' Worldwide National Convention. I created MVOPT Business Cards for the members to pass out to prospect Prime Time gentlemen. Hopefully, the MVOPT Business Cards is an easier way to invite someone to check-out the MVOPT chapter without coming off too pushy. I also created a tri-fold brochure which details the monthly & weekly activities of the MVOPT chapter. It is also a way to invite men to participate in some of our activities. MVOPT has bright orange logo t-shirts printed to wear for the month of June LGBT Pride month and other events. My suggestion would be to add your web address or contact information in addition to the chapter logo.

We recently had a joint monthly social meeting with the Tri-State Prime Timer's chapter located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many of our Dayton Members are dual or triple members of the Miami Valley Ohio Prime Timers (Dayton, Ohio); Tri-State Prime Timers (Cincinnati, Ohio)) and Columbus Ohio Prime Timers (Columbus, Ohio). I plan to try to organize additional meetings and social activities with other local area Prime Timer organizations. Locally we have a rafting group called the "Rainbow Rafters" which hosts a rafting trip twice a year in West Virginia. Our Tri-State Prime Timer neighbors in Cincinnati are hosting a Riverboat dinner cruise, which several of our members are signed up to participate. Collaborating with other friendly organizations spreads and unifies the "Family Community" If you have a smaller chapter membership, this is a very good way to provide more activities, expand your membership, and share the burden of organizing all the events. Everyone benefits. "It's GREAT in Dayton, but we are getting Better!"

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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 August 2018 12:37
Ron Mehl

2018-2019 President Miami Valley Ohio Prime Timers


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