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Passing It On

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Towards the bottom of this article is a link from Gay RVA in Richmond, Virginia, highlighting the inaugural recipient of a scholarship given by our chapter, Central Virginia, to a deserving student that is a participant in an organization called Side-by-Side. The organization helps youth that are questioning their sexuality and, accordingly, awards deserving youth the opportunity to higher education.

The youth deserving of this opportunity is Ryan Koegh, who was awarded $1,000 by our chapter, and will be entering college later this year. Mr. Koegh has said that he plans to study art, with the goal of creating more positive LGBTQ representation in the media.

This is the inaugural award of the Woody Baldwin Scholarship, and is presented as a good example of using the Woody Baldwin Gifts to further our positive representation in the LGBTQ community. Honoring the vision of our founder, Woody Baldwin, this could accomplish one of our needed goals to increase awareness of the purpose of Prime Timers and contribute to the growth of our membership.

Additionally, the togetherness of both older and younger LGBTQ individuals could strengthen our community, create better understanding, and bridge generation gaps to allow the motion of our purposes and mission to forge ahead, The Prime Timers' Central Virginia chapter through the Woody Baldwin scholarship and Side-By-Side are working together to strengthen this connection between LGBTQ youth and older members of the community. Answering the question What is Prime?, this could refer to older persons or it could be helping younger people grow in their understanding of themselves.

Here is that link for the full article. We wish to thank GayRVA magazine for giving permission to publicize this report and for use of their photo.

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