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MSP Prime Timers Raise $5,200 for HIV/AIDS Organization

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Written by  | Published in: Click to show all news

Our Dining Out for Life event on Thursday April 25, 2013 was a huge success! The event raised money for the Aliveness Project, a community center located in South Minneapolis that provides services and programs to the HIV/AIDS community.  First, in terms of Patron Donations on the day of the event, envelopes that came in the mail throughout the following week, and online donations, the Prime Timers MSP Chapter raised $5,200 for the Aliveness Project…which was the highest Patron Donation throughout Minnesota this year! In terms of the Restaurant Donation (i.e., the Platinum Sponsor portion of 35%), the restaurant contributed $3,500 to the Aliveness Project, second only to LUSH this year which contributed $3,849.


We would like to thank the following Prime Timers MSP volunteers who hosted this event: Glenn Bottomly and Chuck Larsen, Bill Seely, Jack Love and Terry Kyweriga.


We would also like to thank our good friends Linda Kenning and Vincent Dominguez who also volunteered.

The Aliveness Project is truly ecstatic with how much money we raised for them this year! We all played a part in something big and it's wonderful to be involved in an event that truly makes a difference. Thank you to our volunteers and thanks to all of you who dined out that night for a great cause!

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