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CAN YOU BELIEVE that Prime Timers is 30 years old? Wow!

CAN YOU BELIEVE that in that time we have been giving thousands of older gays a way to have a meaningful life in their advanced years? We have shown them that there is a lot of fun to be had at our advanced ages. We have become the salvation for many a bored, dispirited fellow who thought gay life was only for the young. Instead, we have even proved to them that they can still be sexually desirable.

CAN YOU BELIEVE that we have provided the opportunity for many men to find the love of their lives? I wish there were a way of knowing how many single men have found a lifetime partner through Prime Timers. We know there have been many. In the early days of the Austin chapter alone, a member complained to me that there were too many couples and not enough singles. I told them that nine of those couples were 18 singles when they joined. That number has no doubt tripled or quadrupled as the chapter is now celebrating its 18th anniversary. Surely this has happened in many chapters.

CAN YOU BELIEVE that we, in our own quiet way, have changed the belief of younger gays that there no gay life after 40 or 50 or whatever date they had perceived as the end of gay life? They have witnessed Prime Timers having some of the best years of their lives and it has given them a brighter outlook on the future.

CAN YOU BELIEVE that in 30 years we have brought older gays from the pits of gay society to a position of genuine respect as a contributing force in the gay community? We have every right to be proud of our association. Become an active Prime Timer and enjoy these opportunities. Do good by telling all your lonely friends about us. We are gay! We are proud!


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