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Lawyers Discuss Issues Facing LGBTQ Community

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Shaundra Scott, Executive Director of ACLU of South Carolina, said a priority for the American Civil Liberties Union will be to file a lawsuit to fight the ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. Military. She said discrimination, racial equality, and other issues are also on the list of concerns for the ACLU for the next four years.

When asked if marriage equality could be reversed, Scott, a lawyer said everything that has been achieved is in danger during the next four years.

"If there is a loophole in the law and they can find it," she said. "It can be legally reversed."

She encouraged everyone not to be passive, but to start conversations with others that effect action or educate the public.

She reminded chapter members that the ACLU of South Carolina is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She encouraged everyone to stay informed of the issues.

Sue Groff, a Family Law attorney, who has been in private practice since 1980 spoke to the group about issues being dealt with in Family Court. For instance, what does gay divorce mean?

She said lawyers like herself, members of the LGBTQ community, and especially members of the transgender community are working hard to educate Family Court judges and staff. She reminded everyone to visit a lawyer and talk about estate and property planning. She said a deed, for instance, can be set up one of two ways.

1. Upon death of one partner, everything goes to the surviving partner.

2. Upon death of other partner, everything might go to the estate. Check your deed to see how it is written.

She said every couple should have estate planning documents that include wills, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, and living wills. These documents should be drawn-up and filed by an attorney. Don't use online services. She said to give the documents to relatives, doctors, and your attorney and store them in your home, not in a safety deposit box at a bank. Only you can open the safety deposit box.

She said if you make the effort to get these documents completed, when the time comes, your wishes will be fulfilled.

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