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HIV Research Study

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Are you a gay male, 50 years old or over, and recently diagnosed with HIV within the last two years? Participate in a research study seeking to understand your experiences with HIV.

I am a gay male doctoral student and researcher at the University of Massachusetts Boston and am conducting a study to understand the meaning of HIV for recently diagnosed gay men 50 and over. In this study, I am interviewing to understand how they are making sense of HIV. I am interested in learning about your thoughts and experiences.

To participate, you must identify as gay, male, recently diagnosed with HIV within the last two years, and 50 or over when diagnosed. Participation will be in the form of an interview (about 90 minutes to two hours of time) and can be done online through videoconferencing, by phone, or in-person.

You will receive $25 Amazon eGift Card if you complete the study. You will also be eligible to earn another $10 Amazon eGift Card if you provide feedback once the analysis is completed. Also, you could learn about yourself and develop new insights and strategies. And, you would make a contribution to the mental health research that could help other gay men cope better with HIV, help counselors to help recently diagnosed gay men, and prevent further contraction of HIV among gay men 50 and over.

Please contact Timothy Carreiro, MA, LMHC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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