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2015 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Written by  | Published in: Conventions

2015 Worldwide Prime Timers Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

10/11 - 10/14. The convention will be held at the beautiful Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Room rates $49.00. 4000 sq foot Hospitality Suite with full Open Bar. Several tours and workshops being offered. Keep checking website for updates.

2015-convention-1 2015-convention-2 2015-convention-3 2015-convention-4
2015-convention-5 2015-convention-6 2015-convention-7 2015-convention-8
2015-convention-9 2015-convention-10 2015-convention-11 2015-convention-12
2015-convention-13 2015-convention-14 2015-convention-15 2015-convention-16
2015-convention-17 2015-convention-18 2015-convention-19

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