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2015 Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Written by  | Published in: Conventions

2015 Worldwide Prime Timers Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

10/11 - 10/14. The convention will be held at the beautiful Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Room rates $49.00. 4000 sq foot Hospitality Suite with full Open Bar. Several tours and workshops being offered. Keep checking website for updates.

Please click here for complete information, registration materials, etc. for the 2015 convention.

2015-convention-1 2015-convention-2 2015-convention-3 2015-convention-4
2015-convention-5 2015-convention-6 2015-convention-7 2015-convention-8
2015-convention-9 2015-convention-10 2015-convention-11 2015-convention-12
2015-convention-13 2015-convention-14 2015-convention-15 2015-convention-16
2015-convention-17 2015-convention-18 2015-convention-19  

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