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  • Master your Website

    This Web Based Learning System will teach you everything that you need to know about maintaining the content on your chapter's website. Learn the concepts, discuss topics with the trainer, then practice what you learned on a sample chapter website.

  • Maintain information pages

    Learn how to master the website's built-in text editor to make editing pages a breeze. Learn how to format text, insert pictures, create web links, create live Google Maps, and more.

  • Maintain calendar

    Post events for your chapter's activities using the website's live calendar. Create new events complete with text and graphics, configure event dates & times, even setup recurring patterns so that events automatically repeat each week/month, saving you time.

  • Maintain contacts

    As board members come and go, learn how to keep the list of chapter contacts current on your website. Learn how to define names, positions, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses for each of your board members.

  • Maintain newsletters and minutes

    If your chapter creates monthly newsletters and meeting minutes, learn how to archive them on your chapter's website for members to download and view. Learn how to work with PDF files and upload them to your website.

  • Maintain Banner

    The front page banner is the first thing people notice when visiting your chapter's website. Be sure to give them a good first impression with banner pictures that best represent your chapter and area attractions.

  • Maintain Mini-slideshow

    The mini-slideshow that appears in the lower-right corner of your website highlights your chapter's activities, members, area attractions, and anything else that shows off what your chapter is all about.

  • Maintain Chapter Address & Phone

    New visitors may want to contact your chapter through postal mail or by telephone, which appears on the front page of your website. Learn how to keep this information up-to-date!

  • Maintain Application and By-laws

    If someone wants to become a member, it's important that your membership application is current. Existing members may want to know chapter rules, regulations, and policies. Learn how to keep them up-to-date here.

Course introduction

course-intro-tinyWelcome!  This area introduces you to the course, shows you how to navigate and access the website maintenance topics.

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Learning modules

In a hurry?  This area lists all of the learning modules for website maintenance. Select a module that you need to know and dive-in!

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Course summary

Congratulations on finishing the course.  In this area, you will find additional resources and can provide your valuable feedback.

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Welcome to the Chapter Website Training. The training is made up of four learning modules in which you will learn important components to include when designing your chapter website. Each module provides tutorials, assessments, discussions, other resources, and activities that will ensure you receive the training needed to develop your site. After completing each module you are encouraged to practice the skills you have learned in the chapter site simulator. Good luck and by the end you will be ready to provide your chapter with a well-designed site! 

This is a large website that upon initial look can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, once you understand the set-up it is very user friendly. The following is a tutorial on how to navigate the training website in order to achieve maximum results as efficiently as possible.



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