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Membership survey

Dear Visitor,

President Rob Howard has appointed a Strategic Planning Committee that has been meeting over the past several months. The Board has approved a Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Statement of Core Values as "working documents" to be used through the strategic planning process until approved by the membership.

The model to be used for further strategic planning is called "Membership Intimacy." The model is characterized by a deep need for understanding of our membership, their needs and their perception of value.

It is vital that we have as many members complete the survey as is possible so that the Strategic Planning Committee and the PTWW Board can begin to have a clearer understanding of our membership, their needs and their goals to plan for the next 25 years of PTWW.

Please click below to take the survey:

Each member will have one opportunity to answer the survey questions. We encourage you to take 20 or 30 minutes to take it. The more members that take it, the more accurate our Strategic Planning process will be.

The link also will be posted on the home page of our web-site:

Please also share with your members our new, monitored Facebook group page. It is a closed group; others can see who are members but cannot see member postings. It's a good way to connect with the larger PTWW community.


Loren A Olson MD
PTWW Secretary and Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
PTWW Bulletin
October 23, 2014
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