PTWW: Chapter Revitalization Project Brochure

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Chapter Revitalization Project Brochure


Dear Visitor,

Dear Chapter Presidents and Liaisons,

PTWW created a new brochure that describes how one goes about revitalizing a chapter. It illustrates how to determine if a chapter need help and some ways it can be revitalized and made active again. This is based upon Prime Timers' experience and is modeled after how the Society of Sigma Xi seeks to refresh chapters. A major difference is that Sigma Xi is much larger in membership, has a central staff and headquarters. Prime Timers Worldwide has grown now to over 80 chapters, but still has a volunteer unpaid board, no central headquarters or staff. The Directors can be of assistance and so can officers in the various chapters throughout the world.

Please click here to read/download the brochure

We hope that you will not need this brochure, but some of the material can be of considerable use.

Best wishes for a great 2017.

Sincerely yours,

The PTWW Board of Directors


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