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Donations, In Loving Memory of Woody Baldwin and our Lost Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

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Posted by  | Published in: Announcements

I've just returned from Austin, Texas where I had the honor of celebrating the glorious life of our founder, Woody Baldwin. It was everything Woody would have wanted: a true celebration in the spirit he requested and a meeting of so many wonderful people. I learned so much more about Woody's colorful life and career.

Since Woody's passing, I've received many e-mails asking how members and chapters can make donations in Woody's memory. I'll address that shortly

Since the massacre in Orlando I have also been asked if members and chapters can make donations to help the families of those who lost their lives at the Pulse nightclub. One has to be careful with donations because the money does not always end up at its target. We're being careful. I've also been asked if Worldwide will be making a donation.

At our recent board meeting we addressed these two issues and decided to put out this communication as soon as we can. In November of 2007 the past President and then current President of our Minneapolis--St. Paul chapter proposed a fund made up of donations to allow our organization or develop and work to start new chapters. In addition the fund would support the work needed to support existing chapters. They wrote a letter to existing chapters and donations were made at that time. Over the years some donations continue to be received. It continues its work with chapters. An upcoming Prime Times newsletter will be devoted to the fund.

To forever preserve his name and honor our founder we named this The Woody Baldwin Chapters Fund. The board feels that this fund would be an ideal place for donations. Because of our 501(c)(3)status the donations are tax deductable.

When you make your donations please designate 'in memory of Woody Baldwin' or 'Orlando Massacre Survivors'. The money designated for Orlando will be made once we have verified a trustworthy organization and in the name of Prime Timers Worldwide. Any funds not designated will reside along with those designated in memory of Woody Baldwin, for that fund.

Donations should be made out to:

Prime Timers Worldwide
c/o Terry Kyweriga, Treasurer
4722 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55406

Thank you for your participation.


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